Mark and Gini's (and Milo's) Big Adventure

Building Our New Home

Full Disclosure ...

To give you a little background, I’m a graphic designer and website developer. I’ve worked with PATCO Construction for nearly nine years, designing and maintaining the company’s numerous websites, email marketing pieces, brochures, signage, newsletters, community logos - pretty much anything with words and pictures! I haven’t had any involvement with the construction side of things aside from gathering info relevant to writing content for marketing material. As a guy who was off doing something else (finger painting, maybe) when the “handy with tools” genes were passed out, I’m about as green as you can be when it comes to understanding what’s involved in building a home! My biggest construction challenges were assembling Big Wheels for my boys on Christmas Eve (which is a whole other horror story). My point being, despite working with PATCO for all these years, I have no advantage over any other consumer embarking on a similar adventure.

When my wife, Gini, and I were finally in a position where we could seriously consider buying a new home, we went through the usual debate - should we buy an existing home or build a brand new one? For me - again, a guy who probably shouldn’t be allowed to possess a hammer, much less a power tool - this choice was fairly simple. Building new means just that, everything is new. No surprises. Building new also means that everything about the home will be perfect for us (we decide what floorpan and design elements we want), and all of the major systems of the home are protected by a New Home Owners Warranty.

Gini and I decided to build with PATCO, not only because I know these guys personally and value their expertise (they’ve been building homes since 1985), but because I’ve seen the follow up surveys from satisfied customers, I’ve sat in meetings where any issues have been quickly dealt with - always putting the homeowner first - and know the quality materials and products that go into a PATCO home. Most of all, I trust these guys to do a great job - that’s HUGE.

Having made the decision to move ahead, I mentioned to PATCO co-owner, Mark Patterson, that it might be kind of cool to blog our experience. As a consumer - and someone who knows the company well - I can share this awesome (and a little scary) adventure with folks from a very unique perspective. Having been given the green light, I promise readers an honest account of the design / build process. This blog will not be a PATCO marketing piece, but a candid and heartfelt journal of our experiences. Gini and I hope you’ll join us as we undertake one of the biggest life decisions we’ve ever made.

Our Blog begins following our application and approval for a home mortgage. We won't bore you with the details - all of the usual stuff was involved, providing our broker with detailed financial info (income, expenses, tax forms, credit scores, etc.) and setting a downpayment amount. Yes, we did sweat it out a bit, but soldiered through. We were able to come up with a loan amount that falls within our desired monthly budget. Knowing how much house we could reasonably afford allowed us to take our first solid step towards home ownership.

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Mark is a graphic designer, artist, web developer and big time dog lover. An avid tattoo collector, he enjoys the beach, hikes through the woods and key lime pie. Arguably the world's biggest Game of Thrones fan he is constantly scanning the sky for dragons. Dragonz (Eye) Design
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Milo is a four year old terrier mix. Mark and Gini rescued him when he was just a few months old. Milo is a total goofball who has the uncanny ability to sense when the pizza delivery boy is on his way. A vigilant (and persistent) watch dog, he loves food. Any food. And cats (really).
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Gini is an office manager and custom jewelry maker. A native of Ohio, she moved to Maine a little over ten years ago. She loves the ocean, drives along the coast, and discovering unique restaurants along the way. But, the Maine winters? Not so much. Etsy Shop